People want real, practical help with their lives.  They want to know if the Bible can be trusted, if God is real…and if so then could He help out with a busted up marriage, a child that is out of control or the fact that a job loss has created unbelievable financial stress in the home.  At Foundations Church we want this to be a place that helps you reach your full potential, a place that adds value in your life and creates an atmosphere where you can grow deeper in your relationship with God. So, we are asking you to submit questions about what you would REALLY like to dive into on a weekend.  After we collect the questions, we’ll sort them into categories and answer some of the most asked questions in the next series called “You asked for it”.

You Asked For It – Part 2

September 23-24, 2017

Guest Speaker – Reza Zadeh

Study Guide 2

You Asked For It – Part 1

September 16-17, 2017

Erik Miller

Study Guide 1