Life Groups

By design, we all need personal relationships, community, and a sense of belonging.
At Foundations we believe this is best accomplished by being a part of a Life Group.

What are Life Groups?

  • Life Groups meet on a regular basis to Connect, Grow, and Serve. Our desire is for people to Connect with God and others in authentic relationships, to Grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and to discover and use their gifts to better Serve
  • Life Groups are intentionally small so that people can better connect. The groups are 6-16 people.
  • Over time, Life Groups foster community through grace and truth.
  • Grace is God’s undeserved favor in our lives through faith in Jesus. In Life Groups, grace creates a caring environment for people to grow.
  • Truth is found in God’s word which allows us to know God and his will for our lives.
  • Finally, Time is the ingredient that allows relationships to the space, to develop as people experience life together.


How do we do Life Groups?

  • Semesters: We launch new Life Groups at Foundation every semester; semesters last 8-12 weeks. The fall semester starts in September, spring semester starts in February, and the summer semester starts in June.
  • Life Group Weekends: Leading up to each launch, Foundations offers Life Group weekends. These weekends are a chance for people to find a group that works for them and to register for that group. Once the groups are launched, people can continue to register for Life Groups for two weeks. After two weeks, the groups will be closed for the semester.


How do I get involved in-between semesters?

  • If you are interested in being part of a Life Group after the Life Group Launch, there are two options available:
    • Mid-Week Teaching: This program meets Wednesday nights at 7:00pm at the church. The evening consists of teaching and small group discussions. The small groups are always open to new people, so you can join the group at any time.
    • Starting your own group: Another option to consider is starting your own Life Group. If you have a group of people you would like to start a Life Group with, please contact Pastor Erik Miller for the details. It is possible to start your own group during the semester.


What’s going on Now?

  • Currently, we are in the spring semester.
  • Summer Life Groups will Launch in June 2017.


  • If you have any questions about Life Groups at Foundations, please contact Danny Mendoza at