Mens Football Night

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  • October 26, 2018
  • Friday, 8:30PM to 11:45PM

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Mens Football Night

Friday, 8:30PM to 11:45PM
October 26, 2018


Mens Football Night

Friday, 8:30PM to 11:45PM
October 26, 2018


Football is in full swing, and we want to give the Men of Foundations an opportunity to catch a game. We are going to The Border War to see the CSU Rams and the UW Cowboys!


On October 26 we will gather at Sonny Lubick Field at Canvas Stadium to root for your favorite team. We have a deal on tickets, and you can have one for only $28.00 by clicking on the link below and then typing Foundations in the “Enter Promotional Code” box


If you want to tailgate without the hassle just check out the Ram Walk Tailgate opportunity at this link


The game will start at 8:00PM but we may have an opportunity for a few guided tour of the new stadium before the game if men are interested.

The best option for parking is at the South Transit Center at 4915 Fossil Blvd. or anywhere along the Max bus route. A shuttle will drop you about a 1/4 mile from the stadium and return you after the game.

The promotional price tickets are only available until a week before the game so get your tickets now! Look forward to hanging out and watching the game!