Tuesday: Jesus is Worth Following

Bible Story

Read Luke 15:11-32

In today’s story we see Jesus teaching in parables. This was a way to tell a story that made people have to think about what He meant.  This parable has three characters in it; the father, and an older son and a younger son. The younger son decides he wants to go out and see the world.  He asks his father to give him the money he would get if his father died. He leaves and ends up wasting the money, and soon has nothing to eat or no place to live.  He finally decides to go home to his father. When he does, his father welcomes him back home, and even throws him a big party. The older brother sees this and is very unhappy.  The father tells his older son he is happy that his lost son has been found and it is worth celebrating.  

Discussion Questions

1. Why did the son run away from his dad? 

He felt that he didn’t need his father and he could do it better on his own. He felt that he could have more fun and live a better life if everything was on his terms.

2. Did the son have a good time after he ran away?

He had a really great time in the beginning, he did everything he wanted to do, but his fun didn’t last. 

3. What happened after all his money ran out? 

He became so poor that he had to work and eat with pigs!

4. How did his father treat him when he came back? 

His father welcomed him with open arms and his love for him was unchanged. He even threw him a Welcome Home party!

5. What does this story teach us about our God?

In this parable Jesus was teaching us about God’s love for us.  We are like the son who left home and did things that our Father, God, would not be proud of.  When we return home to God, He is there with open arms welcoming us home. He is happy we are back.  Jesus our God is worth following because even if we turn from Him, think we know what is best for ourselves, or even question why we follow Him in the first place, our God will always be there. Forever unchanged. Wouldn’t you want to choose to follow a God that loves you no matter what? Choosing to follow Jesus will not be easy, but the good news that you are not alone in doing so. 


1. Coloring Page (click here to download)

2. Out of anything found in your homes, make a scene of Jesus teaching people. It can be made out of but not limited to: Legos, play doh, stuffed animals, a colored picture etc. (almost like playing teacher)

3. Draw, write, or tell how it makes you feel knowing that you can always come back to your God.

4. As a family, have everyone find their favorite worship song.  Worship songs are a fun way to remember our God is worth following. 

Worship Songs/ Videos




___________ (Insert your child’s name) today you learned about a son who thought he knew better than his father.  When he went out on his own, he did not make good choices. You are a child of the most high God. You may leave Him, but He will never leave you. ” I know the plans I have for you,” announces the Lord. “I want you to enjoy success. I do not plan to harm you. I will give you hope for the years to come.” Jeremiah 29:11  You worship a God worth following.