Getting Ready for Easter: A Children’s Look at Jesus’ Last Week

Make this Easter more meaningful for your kids.  Follow the last week in Jesus’ life with Bible stories, discussion questions, fun activities, music and a blessing. There will also be other Easter celebration ideas provided throughout the week. Each day you’ll find it posted on the Foundations Kids Facebook page, the Kids page on our website, and the Foundations app. Then on Easter weekend, we’ll have some fun ways for your kids to stay engaged during the service with their parents.

Monday: Jesus is THE Way

Bible Story

Read Matthew 21:23-32

Not everyone liked Jesus. The religious leaders of the day felt He said and did things that were wrong in their religion. In reality, these religious leaders simply misunderstood Jesus. This conflict made the religious leaders so angry they wanted to kill Jesus. The only problem was He was really popular among the people, so they had to find a way to kill him without upsetting the people.  

Discussion Questions

1. Why do you think the religious leaders disliked Jesus?

The religious leaders of the day despised Jesus because He did not follow all the traditions and rules they did.  They prided themselves on keeping them, and felt they were holy because they did. Jesus saw through this and tried to help them see their cold heart.  In the end, they could no longer tolerate Jesus and sought to have him killed.  

2. Why do you think the people liked Jesus?

The crowds loved Jesus because He healed the sick, performed miracles, and taught in a way they had never heard before.  They were intrigued by Him; however, most did not understand the reason behind His healing and miracles. They didn’t understand all of that was so that they would trust Him to forgive their sins and follow Him. 

3. Did either group really understand who Jesus was? Why or why not?

No, neither group really understood Jesus.  One group wanted to make Him comply with an external religion characterized by rules and traditions, and the other liked all the flash.  Neither wanted to follow Him with their whole heart.

4. In John 14:6 Jesus says He is the Way, Truth and Life, what does that mean? 

There is no other way to God then through the Son, Jesus.  He is the Way to Heaven. He is Truth and there is nothing false in Him.  He is the Life. Only through Jesus can we have Eternal Life. If you or your child have never asked Jesus to be your Way, Truth and Life, now would be a great time to do so. 

5. Have others not liked you because of what you believe about Jesus? 

Ask your Mom or Dad or grandparents if they have ever had people not like them because of what they believe about Jesus? If they have, ask them how they handled it.  How can you treat others who don’t treat you well because you love Jesus? Answers will vary.


1. Coloring Page (click here to download)   

2. Make an obstacle course in your house and have your family members go through it.  Talk about how you made it through the course even when it is hard. Talk about how you can make it through the obstacles in your life even when it is hard. 

3. Make a list or draw a picture of those you want to tell that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  

Worship Songs




______________ (Insert your child’s name)  When Jesus was here on Earth, there were many who did not understand Him.  Today you learned that the religious leaders thought that following rules would get them into Heaven, and the crowds thought that a new ruler in the land would make everything better.  But Jesus came for another reason, to show us the Way to the Father, for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. __________ (insert your child’s name), when your friends don’t understand this, don’t be surprised.  In Matthew it says that when people aren’t nice to you because you believe in Him, you are blessed. It happened to Jesus, and it might happen to you too. May God richly bless you as you follow after Him.