Premarital and Weddings

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Your engagement is an important time and we are excited that you have chosen Foundations Church to be a part of your engagement process, your ceremony and future marriage. Here are a few things that will help you as you begin this process. All couples requesting a wedding by a Foundations pastor must complete this Wedding Application.

At Foundations, we believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment that is honored by God. This belief plays an important role in our premarital process. We feel that Pre-Marriage Counseling is a necessary step and we require your participation in marriage counseling prior to your marriage ceremony. You will find some counseling options below.

Pre-Marital Counseling Offered

To schedule a time call Dr. Jeff Parziale – (520) 975-6662 or email him at [email protected].

Basic Standards for Foundations Church Weddings

1. Marriage Preparation
We advise you to enter our marriage preparation process as soon as you are thinking seriously of being married or well before your preferred wedding date. Six months to one-year advance notice is highly recommended.

2. Premarital Counseling Requirement
This counseling focuses on helping couples evaluate and strengthen their relationships according to sound biblical and psychological truths. Biblical roles for marriage, communication, intimacy, sexuality, and other topics are addressed in an understandable and practical manner.

3. Regarding Divorce
If either party is divorced, at least one year since the divorce was final must have passed prior to the remarriage of the couple.

If one or both applicants are divorced, it is also required that you attend a Divorce Recovery Program such as Divorce Care. This group is designed to help the divorced person process his or her own loss and pain as well as to explore the possibility and/or wisdom of reconciliation, remarriage, or singleness.

4. Choosing a Pastor
You may request a specific pastor, however we are unable to guarantee your chosen pastor will be available on your wedding date. We have pastors that are available and enjoy officiating at weddings. Our pastors work during the weekends and have schedules that need to be coordinated with other staff and volunteers. It may not be possible to confirm a pastor for your special day until six months prior to the wedding.

5. Fees
The set rate for all pastors is $250, payable directly to the pastor prior to the wedding.

  • Facility fee for Foundations Church is based off size and complexity of wedding.