Online Campus Host Resources

During the Service:
• Suggested Chat Blurbs: http://go2.lc/chat 
• Prayer Resources per Topic: http://go2.lc/prayerresources
• Suicide Situation Guide: http://go2.lc/suicidesituation
• Threat to Kill Others Procedure: http://go2.lc/threat
• Technical Emergency Procedure: http://go2.lc/emergency
• Ministering to Minors: http://go2.lc/minors
To Mute or Not to Mute
• Life.Church Online Facebook Group: http://go2.lc/fbgroup 
• Next Steps for New Believers: http://go2.lc/free
• Join a LifeGroup: www.onlinelifegroups.life.church

Life.Church Online:
• Update Roster Form: http://go2.lc/rosterupdate
• Interest in Volunteering http://go2.lc/online 
Giving & the Three-Month Tithe Challenge
• Download printable Invite Cards www.go2.lc/invitecards