Virtual Choir

Thank you for being a part of The Foundations Christmas Virtual Choir!  Please follow these instructions for creating and submitting your video.





You will need :


– A computer (laptop works best) to watch the lyric video of  the song.
– A phone that records your video and your voice
– Headphones and a quiet environment.

* Extra credit if you have a special microphone that plugs into your phone or computer as this will make the sound better.

Video Tips:


– Stabilize your phone.  Use a tripod, shelf, or anything you’d like as long as it doesn’t move.
– Your camera needs to be eye-level
– Shoot horizontal, not vertical.
– Don’t shoot your video with a door, window or light directly behind you.  Face the window, lamp or other light source.  We want your face to be well lit.
– Feel free to show your personality!  Wear a Christmas Hat, sweater, etc.   Most of all, have fun and feel the music.   Try not to be stiff.  Movement and emotion is good!


When you are ready to recorD:


1. Set up your second device (cell phone is easiest) to record video of yourself singing. This should not pick up the audio from the video – just your voice.  

2. Make sure your headphones are plugged into the device that you are using to watch the Lyric Video. Many people find it best to have one headphone in your ear and the other off your ear so you can hear yourself sing with the Lyric Video.

3. Press Record on your second device and press play on the Lyric Video.

4. Upload the Recording Below